Sweet & Chic


Bali – also known as The Island of The Gods – have made quite a reputation for itself as the ultimate destination for getaways. It has recently become the popular choice for destination weddings as well. Continue reading


Red is the color of love


When it comes to choosing a color for weddings, any color palette can look great, it’s just a matter of deciding on what feeling you’re going for. After that, we can reveal the meaning of the colors and the energy that they give off. It is also important to consider what themes does the color works best with and under what season. Continue reading


Majestic French Wedding


With the appeal of beauty and simplicity offered by the beachfront weddings, many more couples have opted for destination weddings, with Bali being a popular destination. We have lost count how many times our team has gone back and forth to do weddings in the Island of The Gods. Continue reading


Rustic Yet Majestic


If there’s anyone who knows how to throw a wedding party, it’s the Indians. A traditional Indian wedding usually lasts for three days and that means they can throw three parties too! Continue reading


Grey elegance


Every couple we meet wants to have a wedding like no other. They want something unique, something that is personal, something memorable that tells their story. We love that about them, because it forces us to break down walls and release our creativity. Continue reading