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Flowers are important elements on wedding day. If you’re planning to get married this year, check out these flower trends for 2015:
Romantic Luxe

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Luxury wedding is all you want? Then these romantic-lux-kind-of flowers are going to be perfect on your wedding day. High flower content, no foliage and exposed stems, nothing but romantic blooms in pastel colors. If you don’t want to risk the budget, you don’t need to spend on hydrangea, or even orchids. Find other alternatives that blooms pretty but cost you less.


Wild Garden

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Add a natural, effortless beauty in mixed flowers as if they’re hand-picked straight from the garden. Add as much as non-blooms like leaves, twigs, or even acorn. The point of this look is unstructured and wild so forget the neat, orderly bouquet.


Crowning Glory

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Diamond tiara is so last year, instead, it’s time to say hello to the flower crown! Wearable flower crown has been popular lately and there’s no reason why you can’t use it on your special day. Avoid large blooms because they’ll either ruin your hair or shift the attention you deserve. Instead it would be so much nicer if you use petite flowers.


Classic Clean

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For those who always have a heart in a classic clean bouquet, well thank God it’s a timeless style! You might want to have a simple yet elegant feel, then white roses is always a good choice. Make a single-flower bouquet to enhance the essence of elegance and simplicity.


Winter wool

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Some brides are born quirky and would rather have a non-traditional wedding bouquet. It is safe to say that using natural, earthy materials as part of a wedding bouquet is becoming an unusual trend. As for us where there is no winter season, a wool-wrapped bouquet is still a unique idea. You can always add other materials as far as it’s coherent and pretty.

Pretty Pastel

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2014 might be the year of pastel colors and we think this year, the soft and creamy color palette is still holds its popularity. Add a pastel yellow to your pink-purple palette and you’ll be surprised of how a subtle yellow bring cheerfulness to the whole palette.


Hanging Blooms

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Bored with the same old standing flowers? Hang in there! Suspend a variety of jars filled with candles and flowers within to decorate your wedding venue.

Have fun playing with flowers!





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