The Romantic Antique Red

Source: Snippet & Ink

Vintage has been one of preferred themes for weddings or any other special events. It’s timeless, classy and elegant, as we have presented you in our previous tips of how vintage theme is used for your special day here. Already choose the theme yet still have no idea what color you should use? What about this chic and romantic color of red?

Red is a stunning color and it fits the vintage theme perfectly. The color will catch your guests’ attention and make your event even more glam and elegant. Choose the details and decorate you day with lovely flower arrangements. Red rose and red peony could be your choice. Color your special vintage event with red and a touch of blush pink and cream, and ready to wow everyone.


Source: La Fleur Weddings & Events

Source: One Wed

Source: Etsy

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

Source: Storyboard Wedding

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