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Been waiting for what’s hot in this year’s wedding trend? Wait no more. These five trends can help you get the look of your big day.



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It is always a good idea to add a little sparkle to your special day, and sequins are worth trying. You can grab everyone’s attention immediately if you dare to wear a whole sequin dress, or if you don’t dare, wear a pair of sequin shoes would be pretty and trendy too. You can also add that shimmer by using sequin table cloth or chair covers. Be careful when using the sequins because too much of anything, especially metallics, can be overwhelming.



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Feathers do the trick of getting a dreamy feeling of your wedding day. You can work the trend by using beautiful feathers for appliques, headdresses, even earrings. Add a wonderful bit of timelessness to your wedding invitations with trimmed feathers. Your groom and/or best men could also use feathers as boutonnieres. Just make sure that the feathers are either faux or cruelty free.


Tuscan dream

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Ever dream of having a trip to Tuscan? Your wedding day is the day to make it happen! No need tickets, all you need is a little bit of imagination. Get inspired by a rustic Italian vineyard and use all things related to it. Create the whole wedding venue with a countryside home, lavish ambiance. Pick neutral flowers and mix with lush greens, tie dried rosemary as an accent on your napkin ring, add a bit of popping color of yellow lemon and you’re good to go.


Water colours

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Whether you’re hosting an elegant luxurious or a casual garden wedding party, there’s a new trendy way to ask your guests to save the date. Water colors wedding invitation is such an effortless beauty and it’s a big thing in 2015. Show your artistic sense of style in watercolor illustrations like whimsical butterflies, romantic flowers, dreamy feathers and other details that suit your style best.



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Yes, this time you can play with food, but only this time is not in the form of food, I mean, fruit. Pineapple is such a cute, unique, playful object that you can have fun wearing or using it. Create a funky pineapple centerpiece to enhance your tropical-themed wedding party, or just wear a pineapple necklace as a bride’s funky statement.

So, have fun creating your wedding party by using one of these trends and get ready to be talked about!





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