A Walk in The Wonderland

Ever wondered how it feels to walk in a wonderland? That was how it felt like when we stepped in Alice and Samson’s engagement party. Wanting it to be specifically themed, Alice and Samson wished their engagement to be memorable based on the popular children story of Alice in Wonderland. Taking place at Mulia’s Grand Ballroom, friends and family were invited to one special night with one special decoration ever!

Recreating such a wonderland and bringing it into the venue was surely not easy, but we tried to give nothing but the best. The foyer area was designed and decorated as the fine tea party, to welcome the guests before they walk into the main venue. The main venue was the wonderland. Gigantic mushrooms, sunflowers, and lilies, trees and bushes everywhere, and black backdrop with fairly lights everywhere as the starry night fulfilled the venue. Welcome to Alice and Samson’s wonderland!


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