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When you decide to throw a party after the wedding reception, “fun” is the only word you should remember. The best thing about planning an after party is that the conventional wedding etiquette don’t apply. You can basically do whatever you want. It’s a fun way to prolong your wedding day, and a chance to impress your guests with more personal touches that will linger in their minds for much longer. It’s important to make sure that your after party is a relaxed event; more laid back than your wedding reception – much, much more.


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Illuminated Dance Floor

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You want your guests to be in awe of your reception décor and you want the same reaction when they enter the after-party venue. Something unexpected in the décor will wow them. You can choose to pick a different theme entirely, or you can stick to the same theme but you can add an adjustment to it so to have a slightly different feel. Whatever your theme, just make sure that it suits your personality as well.


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An after-party is the chance to spend extra time with your close friends and family, so it’s important to keep them well entertained. Make sure you keep the music going, the drinks flowing, the guests dining and dancing.



To cater to all the fun, you don’t need to max out your budget, especially when you’ve blown it on the reception. For instance, you can always reuse the floral arrangements from the reception. They’ll still be pretty even into the wee hours of the morning. Leftover food from the reception is just as nice as before, or you could also buy some grocery-munchies and arranged them on a silver platter from home, and you’ll get easy cheap midnight treats with a caterer’s flair.



Keep it simple since it’s an informal gathering. Decoration is important but don’t work it out too much, especially for an after party. Reception may be over but the party is just getting started. You better be ready to have some fun!




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