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After Party? Yay or Nay?

We all know that some wedding receptions are not really parties for the bride and groom. They are more like a parties for the parents where guests are self-conscious, and almost quite awkward. The décor might be too pretty, the music might be too dainty, and dance moves, limited. On the other hand, you’ve got crazy friends who have been there with you through this whole wedding planning journey and who are expecting a more fun party? Does an after party sound like a good idea? 

If you have budget to spare, or if you’ve managed to save on some in the wedding reception, we’d say: “sure, why not?!” You might not be able to invite all your friends to the reception due to the extended-family invitations, but your friends are still valuable and they deserve to be a part of your celebrations of love. In that case, an after party will be the perfect idea, especially if you’ve got friends who can go on partying till morning!

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Before planning your after party, it is a good idea to check on your reception venue whether it has an early music curfew and party ending time. The venue can be gorgeous, but if they don’t allow the wild party you had in mind, you might want to consider throwing the party at another venue. Your favorite bar, perhaps? That would be a great choice to have a crazy, laid-back and loud kind of party.


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You might also want to consider who will be footing the bill for the after party? Will you do it yourself? Or will your parents be generous enough to do it? You might be surprised because one of your friends might also have the idea of throwing you one as a wedding gift. Whatever it is, we just want to give you a word on edgewise: plan well. Consider not only the budget, but also the time. If you’re on a really tight schedule – like say you’re leaving for your honeymoon the next morning – you might want to skip having an after party, than missing out on the joys of traveling with your new spouse.

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Celebrating your love on your wedding day with your loved ones is important. Having a real good time is equally important. So, whether you’re throwing an after party or not, just remember to embrace the moment and be very happy!