Butterfly Event Styling

Four Seasons of Love

The journey of one season moving to another is always beautiful; waiting for the snow to melt, for the leaves start blossoming and for the flowers to start singing. Dinesh and Timsy’s wedding was nothing short of magical using colors of the four seasons as the main point of their decoration.



For the first night, there was a welcome dinner for all the guests. They chose to go with colors of spring. They used white and green hues for their tropical flowers. Also, they incorporated some beach elements such as sands, shells and beach stones as their venue was at a garden by the beach. It had a very warm environment as they used hanging and fairy lights, tents and candles.


The next day for the Mehendi ceremony, they wanted to go with pastel colors. So we used a lot of whites to make the color of the flowers really pop in contrast. We placed a variety of beautiful trinkets on the table such as tea cups, signboards, pearls for more depth.




In the event for the Sangeet, they chose colors of autumn that consists of deep red, burgundy, orange, dark brown and hold. It made the ambience very royal and lux as we even hung mixed chandeliers to add that touch of extra elegance. For their Ghari, there used marigold strings as their backdrop with accents of yellow hues and soft pinks to bring that summery vibe to life.

Finally, for the main wedding ceremony and reception. Colors of winter were taken advantage of. The dominating color was of course, white. We used white leaves and flowers with hanging crystal that made the venue oh so gorgeous. We had square table arrangements set up for them with white trees in between that made the room super beautiful and minimal but still breathtaking.