Butterfly Event Styling

Peach and Coral

Coral has been a trendy wedding color for the past few years. We can’t tell you that we’re surprised, because it’s so versatile it can be paired easily with most other shades of the rainbow and it still gives that romantic touch. We love this color so much, mostly because it adds that springtime feel into the wedding color palette. 




For Willem and Cindy, we created a palette using the colors coral and peach, then combined it with white and a dash of green. We placed green wall as backdrops for the punch, and scattered some hydrangeas to add the cool color to the mix. Then we added white as neutrals, on frames and furnitures and the arch, for the winning combination.





It really felt like springtime. Like the blossoming of love. Like a new beginning. The warm and cool colours in pastel tones made it eye-catching and unique, yet it’s not too striking that it overpowers the love of the couple.


Now for the big question: who should have this color palette?

This colour is actually skewed towards the sweet side. If you’re romantic in a lovey dovey with a chunk of sweetness then this color palette might be for you. Just be sure to pair it with a nice sparkle, like gold, or a warmer pastel, like peach, on the other wedding elements, like bridesmaids dresses and hand bouquet.