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Thinking about adding some personal touches to your wedding? Really want to show a warm gesture to your guests but still got no idea about it? Let us share some thoughtful ideas you could do on your wedding day. From the very simplest thing to a more elevated way to show how grateful you are to have your guests share your very special day. 


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The key is to be thoughtful and sincere. Don’t over think it, don’t over do it. Just be sincerely nice and thoughtful and you’re off to a great start! You can figure out the real insights from the guest by asking yourself, “How would I like to be treated if I came to a wedding like this?”


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If you’re having a sit-down dinner party, the chance to have your guest pass out out of boredom is pretty big. Also, you probably wouldn’t have enough time to catch up with all the guests throughout the event. Personal welcome and thank you notes for each guests is the perfect way of reaching out to each and every one. It would be even lovelier if it’s hand-written by you. Another form of a warm welcome note can also be created on a sign board. Chalk board or wooden board and nice calligraphy-style notes will work like magic to send the message.


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The next thing to be considered if you want to give your guests a little more TLC, is to think about your whole wedding concept. Where will it be? If you’re having an outdoor party under the hot shiny sun, it’s always a refreshing idea to set up a drink station where the guests can pour themselves some nice, cold lemonade. You want more personal touches? These sunglasses and parasols to shade your guests are great ideas. Sunscreen, bug spray afterbite, and fans are not so fancy items but would be much appreciated if you’re having a tropical outdoor wedding.


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Planning on hiring a groovy band and would like your guests to dance along and have some fun? Don’t forget to provide dancing shoes. Put them in the basket and let them use whenever they want to groove. Happy feet make happy guests!


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See, it’s not hard to please your guests. An easy, simple yet thoughtful thing is worth every penny to warm everyone’s heart at your wedding. Remember that a wedding party is not only about the bride and the groom but also is about a celebration of love in general. So, show your guests some love by being a good host and you’ll be forever loved. Good luck!



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