Six Traits of a Good Wedding Decorator

Choosing and hiring a wedding decorator is not an easy job for most couples. There are so many wedding decorators in town with so many style, experience, and personality. The choice is endless. While packages, pricing and portfolios are important, there are things you need to evaluate before hiring one. Here are some traits to keep your eyes on the lookout for.

1. See how they respond to your first inquiries

A good wedding decorator is the one who responds immediately and personally. If the email that you’ve sent isn’t reply by a bot, but by a real human representative, that’s a good sign.

2. Happy and satisfied recent clients

When you’re already eyeing on one (or some) wedding decorators, try to track down their relationship with recent clients. If possible, talk to them and ask their opinion about the decorator. Customer satisfaction comes from good customer service.

3. Note the first impressions

When you finally set up the first meeting, you need to notice the first impression. Observe how do they react, how quickly they respond, and how do they conduct themselves. What can be seen or heard in those initial few seconds are important to be noticed.

4. Look for a diversified portfolio

A good wedding decorator has a diversity of portfolio, able to reflect the personality and style of the couple but still has that kind of identity in their work.

5. Ask how many weddings they do on any given weekend

All of us believe that a good wedding decorator needs to be completely focused on each wedding. So, unless they have several teams to manage several couples, it’s good to have a wedding decorator that only have one event per weekend.

6. Compassion

A good wedding decorator not only has a great amount of passion in design and style but also understands the couple’s concerns and desires. With this kind of trait, a wedding decorator will do their work passionately and the decoration of your wedding will be awesome.

Creating your dream wedding with dreamy decoration needs extra time and attention. So before you start trusting your wedding decorator, make sure they have those six signs.


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