Snowy and Magical


Can you imagine just how beautiful sight it is to have a wedding where the snow is glistening? Even if you’re living in a city without real winter, there are many ways to bring the beauty of the season indoors, and even add more magic into it!


What makes this theme so special is because it’s a winter theme with a twist. It’s beyond fluffy white snow and pinecones. By adding whimsical elements, winter wonderland will create a mystical fairy tale at your wedding. How do you enchant your winter wonderland wedding?



When you think about the magical feeling that winter holds, you can visualize the sparkle of winter frost. Create that amazing sparkling effects with sparkling elements, from glittered vases for the centerpieces, to twinkling lights strung above the tables, to draping crystal garlands.


If you want to use the winter wonderland theme but not really want everything to be all white, add another color that is still winter-related such as icy blue, blush, light purple, and silver. Those colors will instantly transform your venue into a swoon winter wonderland.


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Even though it’s a winter theme wedding, it’s still important to incorporate flowers into your wedding. Baby breaths are perfect blooms as they create a lush, delicate and lovely look, but you still can go all crazy with white roses if you want to. Add white branches (or trees) to add frosty feel.


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Adding texture is also encouraged. Since it’s all cool and frosty, try to incorporate the warm and fuzzy atmosphere into the decoration with something like faux fur, wool, or cashmere. These will bring the warmth in, so your guests instantly feel like they’re in a cozy space.


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See, it’s amazing to have a winter wonderland wedding in a place where winter doesn’t exist. We hope you get tons of inspiration from the ideas above for your winter wonderland wedding decoration.


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