Butterfly Event Styling

The Great Gatsby meets Bollywood

There is always something different in Indian weddings; therefore there is something new we have to create. Each part of the wedding gives guests a different experience, but overall they are all about class and fabulousness. Indian weddings are always extravagant, and our client Jaanam and Amrit also wanted something spectacular.

The wedding dinner, called ghari, and the after-party were held in Raffles, Jakarta. The couple wanted a purple ambience from the lighting to the walls. We added a touch of red to match with the red garlands.

The “wow” factor is at the after-party, which is a ceiling of flowers with chandeliers hanging down. Just looking at the photos takes your breath away, imagine being there in person. We used a statue of Ganesh that is made of mirrored glass. This first part of the wedding feels like The Great Gatsby meets Bollywood.

At the mehendi for Jaanam in Shangrila Hotel, we used pastel colours. The guests were seated on the floor with rugs and pillows. The tables were decorated with umbrella centerpieces, but we wrapped flowers around the stick to make it prettier.



This is another new thing Butterfly created; a simple idea but gives a stunning result. To accommodate many guests, we erected a tent outside with chandeliers, all looking like Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The dinner reception was held in Raffles and had a theme which is a cinema. Jaanam and Amrit wanted to make it as if the guests were coming to watch a movie about their marriage.

The movie playing is called AJnachle. So we hung movie posters about the couple and photos of actresses from the 50s since the bride likes actresses from that era.

Another magnificent Indian wedding we pulled off successfully. We were able to turn the couple’s dream into a reality.