Things You Should Know Before Throwing a Beach Party

Having a beach wedding is like going on a mini vacation. The sun, the waves, and the sea are a perfect combination for a summer love.

The atmosphere is different, especially because the wedding will be outdoors. Of course, the decoration will not be the same like an indoor wedding, as it should complement what nature already has on offer. A beach wedding is certainly a great experience for the couple and guests. We have decorated so many beach weddings that we are now able to share what works and what doesn’t.

  1. Choose a private beach

Both private and public beaches can offer breathtaking venues. Private beaches are usually found within a hotel compound and only the guests may enjoy them. This is of course more expensive, but the general public will not have access to your intimate party.

  1. Have both the ceremony and reception at the beach

Why only enjoy the view for a couple of hours while you can have the whole day? Having a ceremony by the beach is amazing and special, but throwing a party there afterwards is exciting and unique. It will be more efficient as you don’t have to book two places.

  1. Provide accessibility

Make sure that your venue can be reached by all your guests. If you have a grandma on a wheelchair for example, she needs a proper path so her wheelchair will not be dragged along the sand.

  1. Be careful of wilting blooms

Beach weddings can be really hot, and most cut flowers cannot stand too long in the heat. Choose flowers that last longer such as freesias, calla lilies, and orchids. Although roses are the most popular wedding flowers, they wilt quicker in the sun.

  1. Have a plan B

When having an outdoor wedding, at the beach in particular, you are dealing with nature. Sometimes, even after picking the right season and month, nature can still be unpredictable. Make sure that a temporary marquee or a spare room is prepared within the area. This way, if the sky decides to pour, the show can still go on.


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