Vintage Traveller


“As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination”

– Gossip Girl

There is a recent article online about choosing a partner whom you can travel with. This is definitely true for Briando and Patricia who have found each other through their love of travelling. Travelling is one of the many things that glue this couple together, but it is also one of the big things that define them. It is no surprise that on their special day, they wanted to incorporate what they love in the celebration. So we decorated their wedding at the Conrad Hotel, Bali with the theme “vintage traveler”.



The very first commercial flight happened only a hundred years ago, so to be in-line with the vintage theme, we looked upon other modes of travelling for decoration. Small air balloons with actual balloons are placed on every table. There are models of a ship, a ship’s steering wheel, and a lighthouse as part of the décor. Just to make the wedding quainter, we had paper planes on the walls to make them seem flying.


The wedding took place outdoors so we emphasized the vintage look by placing a wooden door entry way to the wedding area which is surrounded by wooden temporary walls. There are crates made of wood serving as decoration tables, too. The color palette used for this theme also adds to the “old” feel: white, soft pink, grey, and a touch of light blue.


There is something unique in this wedding. Usually guests come to a wedding and convey their well-wishes to the newly-weds while shaking their hands. Sometimes the guests don’t even say anything! The only smile and shake hands, and that’s it. However, on Briando and Patricia’s special day, we put up a huge world map (vintage, of course!) where guests stick a personalized message on a piece of card. At the end of the day, the couple can read these messages together, but most importantly, it is something they can take home and keep forever.



We had a blast styling a wedding that is inspired by what brought Briando and Patricia together.  We felt like we were part of their journey into their next destination in life.


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