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Wedding Trend 2015: Elegant Décor

Tying the knot in 2015? We think that next year, we’ll be seeing more of elegantly styled weddings.

What defines elegance in wedding decor? Fine designs accentuated by sophisticated yet simple ornaments. Elegant touch can be added to any choices for a wedding theme by filling the venue with the delicate details that grab attention even in a single glance.

Elegant decor is also defined with the color choices that consists of a neat palette in color harmony. A posh look created by mix of ivory, yellow, white, and khaki could be a great example. Couple the dreamy cream with brown and blue as an added accent to ensure that all is easy on the eye, an imperative for true elegance.

When choosing decorative elements or centerpieces, opt for timeless with all the delicate details. Keep the decorative elements light with a punch. An elegant decor is defined by the subtle simplicity so it’s better to avoid overly decorating it.


Will elegant decor be style choice for your wedding next year?


Love, Butterfly