Butterfly Event Styling

Whimsical Elements

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If you’re looking for inspiration to come up for a whimsical wedding, tickle your inner child and go back to your childhood. You’ll come up with ideas like fairy, butterfly, ballerina, secret garden, and many more.

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Imagine having a mad tea party inside the beautiful enchanted forest with fairies sprinkling pixie dust made from sweet sweet sugar.

Source : bellethemagazine.com

To make a gorgeous theme full of whimsy, create the right lightings, with lots of lights. Turn your wedding into something magical with props such as vintage birdcages, interesting-slightly retro-furniture, quaint florals, etc. As for a bride, embody the whole magical forest nuance by wearing a floral crown with light flowy dress.

Source : bellethemagazine.com

Pay attention on details that is sweet, creative and thoughtful to immediately bring child-like wonder and adorable whimsy to your wedding. Like, it would be cute to put a lego man inside your terrarium centerpiece or, put your favorite quote from Dr. Seuss on DIY favor tags


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Whimsical wedding party is always a very light-hearted affair filled with tons of fun stuff if all the details are treated tastefully. So don’t be affraid to unleash your inner child and have a whimsy experience!