Forever and a day

She got a friend request on Facebook one rainy day in October 2009. She didn’t know who it was, so she rejected him. There was nothing until one fateful day in December, when he was home on a semester break, they met. She apologised for the declined friend request. He said it’s good to know she’s sane.  Continue reading

Marriage Planning

We meet couples who are getting married all the time. Some are pretty laid-back while some are pretty high strung (these are the so-called Bridezillas). But they all have one thing in common: they are very much in love. We love the look of love radiating from their faces. The natural glow brings so much inspiration to us.  Continue reading

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Inspired by the seasons

“Which theme colours would you like?” is probably the most frequent question asked to any of our clients. And “Hmmm, which colour is best? Can we leave that up to you?” is the most frequent response we’d get. Continue reading

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Beautiful on its own

If we had to name one flower most often used in our arrangements, it would be Baby’s Breath. Gypsophila – it’s real name- is a staple here at Butterfly. It’s airy, cloud-like, delicate yet long-lasting makes it perfect for almost all of our arrangements.  Continue reading

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Rustic Goodness

We’ve gotten lots of requests for rustic wedding decor lately. Is it a fad? Or a trend? We think not! Rustic is a style. A wedding style, to be precise. It’s a timeless classic reflection of a romantic soul. We don’t like to be partial to any style, but this one is a favourite here at Butterfly! Continue reading

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