Wedding Colors

Choosing a wedding theme is probably the funnest part of wedding planning, because the possibility is endless! If you can dream it, you can have it. You can choose just about anything and you can make it work for your venue.


The next funnest thing, would be choosing a wedding color. Choosing a color scheme for your wedding is important because colors have the power to set the vibes to your wedding. The possibilities here is endless too. You can choose any color, the choice is entirely up to you. But choosing colors can be tricky too, because well… there are just too many pretty colors to choose from!

The best is always to start with your favourite colour. Is there a shade you particularly love? Is there one particular colour that you’re mostly drawn to?


Next, you might think about the theme that you’ve picked out, and what colors might go well with that. Like if you’re having a beach wedding, blue would make a nice dominant color. If you’re going with a shabby chic theme, then pink would make a sweet highlight to your wedding.


The key is to choose a dominant color and a complimentary one. Like pink with a touch of creme. Or blue with a touch of yellow. If you’ve picked those out, your decorator (ehm, us!) would put in the supporting color and accent color to make the decor look alive.

Have fun picking out your colors!




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