4 Ways to Use Orchids at Your Wedding

Orchids are flowering plants that are colourful and fragrant. They are very popular in weddings due to their varied shapes and hues – white, green, purple, pink, yellow, orange, fuchsia, red, etc. There are 28,000 species around the world. The most used in weddings are: Cymbidium or boat orchid, Phalaenopsis or moth orchid, and Cattleya or corsage orchid.

All of the three can be used in bouquets, décor, centerpiece, and cake. Boat orchids grow in bunches, which is why they are great for centerpieces and decorating. On the other hand, moth orchids are popular for bouquets because of the long stem and their big fluttering petals. Meanwhile, corsage orchids, as the name suggests, are the go-to for corsages, but they also look good on cakes and centerpieces. Here are ideas on how to use them:

1. Bouquets

For all white flowers, mix white moth orchids with white roses and white lilies. If you want a flowy bouquet, corsage orchids can form a tapering waterfall. For a vibrant one, put some purple orchids with yellow or orange flowers.

2. Décor

Orchids can be used in arches or made into a cascade from the ceiling. They can be arranged in a backdrop or along the seats down the aisle. Also, orchids can be mixed with different flowers in a pot. Pick bold colours to make them pop.

3. Centerpieces

Put together some orchids and other flowers in vases in the middle of tables. You can also sprinkle some boar orchids or corsage orchids without the stem in the middle of a long table and put small tea lights on top. Otherwise, put moth orchids in their pots or tall vases as they are in the centre.

4. Cakes

Arrange orchids like a waterfall down one side of your wedding cake. They are also great for cupcake toppers.

The great thing about orchids is that they come in so many different colours, so no matter your chosen colour scheme, there is always going to be orchids that fit. They are versatile and smell nice, too!