Rustic White Christmas


Butterfly once again had the honor to team up with Chakra to décor the booth at Wedding Celebration Festival (WCF) 2015. Because ‘tis the season, we came up with the idea of having a Christmas-inspired decoration but with a little bit of twist to make it even more interesting and pretty. Thus, the theme “Rustic White Christmas” popped up. Continue reading


Entertaining Your Guests in A Fun Way


Wedding is a celebration of love and you want to share the joy with your family and friends. Being a bride and groom-to-be can be overwhelming with all the stress of doing all the preparations, not to forget all the attention to get from others. You want to make this wedding day one of your most memorable, if not, the best day of your life. Everything will be about you and will revolve around you. When the big day comes, you would let your guests witness the two of you be join as one, let the congratulate you, and then what? Continue reading


Bright Batik


The Indonesian culture is very distinctive and produces some of the most amazing art. One that is recognized by the UN as being uniquely Indonesian is of course Batik. Continue reading


As sweet as honey


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“Life is the flower for which love is the honey.” –Victor Hugo

Thinking of adding more sweetness to your wedding? Why not highlighting the sweetness of honey and creating the fun of buzzing bees? Continue reading


Company Function with Gautama


For us, to decorate is to create an atmosphere that transforms any ordinary function into a work of art. As much as we love being part of a wedding and witnessing the celebration of love, we also very excited to decorate other celebrations like this corporate function. Continue reading