Entertaining Your Guests in A Fun Way


Wedding is a celebration of love and you want to share the joy with your family and friends. Being a bride and groom-to-be can be overwhelming with all the stress of doing all the preparations, not to forget all the attention to get from others. You want to make this wedding day one of your most memorable, if not, the best day of your life. Everything will be about you and will revolve around you. When the big day comes, you would let your guests witness the two of you be join as one, let the congratulate you, and then what?

Think about this, your guests spare their time coming to your wedding. But not many of them could really experience nor enjoy the happiness that you think you’ve shared with them. They just came, ate the food, congratulated you, drank a glass or two, maybe danced a bit, and went home.  There are actually many ways to entertain your guests, way beyond providing good food, great wedding band and unique favors. We’ve gathered up some of great ideas for you to be inspired, here they are.



Photo booth is one easy example. All you need is to create a dedicated area and decorate them so the area is photogenic. Provide unique and fun props and let them have fun doing their ‘selfie’ or ‘wefie’.In this digital, social media era, it’s has also become common to share the wedding moments on social media platforms such as Instagram. Put a signage on the front entrance or near your photo booth area so that your guests know what #hashtag that they need to use when uploading their pictures in your wedding. Not only it’s a great way to get everyone to become the photographers at your wedding, it’s also a fun activity too. You can even offer a gift for the best picture!


You can also do activities that is in line with your wedding theme. For example, if you’re having a Thousand One Night Fairytale of Aladdin, or an Arabian Night Party, you can hire a henna artist. Create a Henna Corner and your guests can have their hands painted while watching belly dance performance. Or, if you’re having a traveler theme party, you can let your guests pin their wishes on the giant map. You can also provide a wishing tree, where they can write down their wishes and hang them on the tree. It’s a good day after all to share not only joy but also hope for the future for everyone.


Dancing is always a good idea to create a fun atmosphere in wedding. Hiring a great band is actually enough, but it would be very thoughtful to provide the guests with dancing shoes. They can dance their heart out without hurting their feet. Put the dancing shoes in a basket with written tag on it and let the get their dance on.



Another thing. Have you ever got bored waiting for your meal to be served when attending a sit-down dinner party? Try an origami fortune teller and put it on the placemat for each guest with “common” (yet interesting) fortunes such as, “You’ll be rich” or “You’ll fall in love”. Or, if you prefer to add your own fortunes inside, just give them a blank version, perhaps it will tell them their future? It’s a simple pastime to play by self or with other guests and such an easy way to avoid having bored guests at your sit down dinner.

The purpose of having activities like these isn’t only to entertain your guests. These activities really show that you’re a good, thoughtful host. Your guests will enjoy your party and be engaged in the celebration of your new chapter of life. Have fun!



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