Paper Flower Backdrop


Not all brides-to-be are quite aware of how their wedding would look like in frames. Even when the decoration is done beautifully, you will still need to find (or create) the right spot to take photographs. This spot should be treated well, and of course, well decorated as a dedicated place for pictures taken. Consider yourself a lucky bride if your venue is an outdoor venue and happen to have pretty high wall of bushes or an infinite ocean that you could use as backdrop. But if you don’t, don’t worry, because you can always build one pretty backdrop, anyway.



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Flowers sure are the perfect element to make a backdrop prettier. You’ve done your calculating and you might’ve realized that flowers can be very expensive. On the other side, a backdrop with flowers needs a lot of flowers, means you can easily blow up your budget. Unless, you get a little creative and get those paper flowers arranged for your backdrop. Yes, flowers made out of paper, what an interesting idea!

Paper flowers are such a trend nowadays. What’s not to love about them? They can be cheaper and even prettier than the fresh flowers, and they’re also a good alternative to other artificial flowers. You can also create the huge version of flowers for decorative purposes. Because of all those reasons, paper flowers are perfect for backdrop decoration, and somehow perfect for crafty brides.


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Butterfly has done it before. We created a backdrop with paper flowers and it turned out to be an outstanding focal point and a gorgeous photo spot! You can go as big you want, just look at those huge flowers that instantly make the background pops out. To arrange paper flowers background, you can make as neat as possible based on each flower’s hues or you can go rustic by scatter them around. Either way, it is your call to be as crafty and as pretty as you want. Once it got framed, no one will ever notice that those flowers are made from papers. How cool is that!


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