Indecisive Bride

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“My wedding is in 6 months but I haven’t made up my mind yet about the decoration, what should I do?” Continue reading

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Let’s Get Festive!

Move your feet to the beat of the music and ignite your senses to the most electrifying artistry. We present to you the Coachella wedding party. In this wedding theme, it’s all about creating an atmosphere that is very welcoming and beautiful through good music and good vibes.

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10 Wedding Ceremony Details That are Easily Overlooked

These items probably are not major items for wedding like your dress or your venue. But when you’re thinking of a memorable wedding ceremony, especially with a “wedding brain” (when a bride/groom becomes very forgetful), don’t forget to think about these essentials. Continue reading


Bold and Beautiful 3-Day Celebration

If anyone has seen Bollywood movies, then they will know Indians do not do things half-heartedly. They put a huge amount of effort to entertain others. This philosophy also extends to all aspects of their lives, which includes marriages. Therefore, we at Butterfly did not take decorating our Indian friends’, Abhishek and Niranjini, wedding lightly. Continue reading


Rustic by the Beach

The happy couple love the natural feel of the rustic theme so they opted for a simple rustic-inspired wedding using a color palette of white and gold with au naturel touches of wood and greeneries. There is a magical feeling to Bali, and having a wedding in the paradise island will be very joyful indeed. Continue reading