Let’s Get Festive!

Move your feet to the beat of the music and ignite your senses to the most electrifying artistry. We present to you the Coachella wedding party. In this wedding theme, it’s all about creating an atmosphere that is very welcoming and beautiful through good music and good vibes.

Coachella is an annual music and art festival located in the sunny desert of California. It is a festival that brings trendsetters from all over the globe together.

For the color palette, think loud colors. The more colors, the better. With invitations, go with a wooden texture. This will create a very earthy feel which is what Coachella entails.

When choosing a wedding dress, go for something flowy. A bohemian type of look would be perfect for this theme because Coachella is all about bringing together a very calm and easy feel.

For your bridesmaids, have them in the same sort of get up too. it’s about being unconventional yet cool. You can have everyone including yourself wearing flowers crowns because let’s face it, what’s a Coachella theme without those beautiful crowns?

For the main decoration, you could place mini tents around the venue to pull of the desert environment. You could put in throws, pillows, vintage rugs with candles to make a few cozy corners that will be Instagram-worthy. Also, hanging lanterns will do the trick in making any room look inviting and beautiful. Use wild flowers as your flower of choice as it will tie everything together.

You often see Coachella party goers decked out in really cool body tattoos. A fun little corner to add at your wedding party is to have a body art area. This is a place where your guests can take home a little piece of art on their body.

Since this theme is about celebrating good music, it would only seem fit to have a live band performing throughout the night. Choose a band that you think would best suit both you and your partner’s liking whether it be an acoustic or a full on pop band.

Let the sound of music stimulate your journey into planning the most entertaining yet relaxing wedding party.


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