Adorn Without Flowers


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Wedding centerpieces are important elements of your wedding decoration and flowers are always the first choice. For brides-to-be who opt to use unique centerpieces that don’t include flowers, you’re lucky because flowerless is this year’s wedding trend.

As an object occupying a central position to adorn the table, centerpiece speaks a lot about your wedding style. By using no flower for your wedding centerpieces means you can go beyond your imagination to try something new and unique to decorate your wedding. Whoever said that a wedding without flowers is unimaginable probably never seen anything like what we’re about to reveal.


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Something green

Greeneries are hot stuff this year! You can use them as centerpieces in the form of so many things like succulents, wheatgrass, herbs and plant leaves. Arrange them in a proper vase so the green color really pops out.

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Edible things

Sure, you can place something edible for your centerpieces like candies, fruits or veggies. From lollipops to lemons and apple, to artichokes, asparagus and even kale. Arrange them in fruit basket, put them inside tall glass vase, or you can even create a bouquet, and you got yourself a unique wedding centerpiece you can munch later.


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Natural elements

Using natural elements as centerpieces is a great way to bring a natural touch to your wedding. Whether it’s a rustic, woodland or even beach theme, things like branches, logs, driftwoods, acorns, bird nests, rocks, and shells are cheap, easy to find, and very versatile to make pretty centerpieces.


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Knick-knacks reveal a lot about your personality. Stack of books are great for bookworm couple, colorful Lego bricks arrangements are great to add geeky-fun atmosphere at Lego-maniac’s wedding, Disney character figurines for Disney freaks, and many more.




As centerpieces, candles, lamps, and lanterns are not only an important for their lights, but they’re also enhance the mood at your wedding. There are an array of choices, pick those that fit your theme, style and personality best.



Paper has simplicity, color and texture which could adorn the table in a different way. Try paper flowers in paper vases, or pinwheels to add the whimsical feel, or origami cranes which have the powerful symbol of fidelity.

See, it’s possible to create centerpieces even without the presence of flowers. Actually you can use everything under the sun that will make your bridal tables stand out. If you’re still having half a mind to decorate your wedding with no flowers, we hope this could give you some inspirations to make up your mind.