Shall We Sit or Stand?

In wedding planning, the way the food served to the guests are important to be thought thoroughly. Not only can affect the wedding cost, but it also can affect the decoration.

Deciding on your wedding reception dining style determine the flow and atmosphere of your wedding. Let’s start with weighing in all the factors.


What type of reception dinner that suits your venue? Can you imagine fitting the tables into the venue? Or do you feel like the crowd flow will be so much better if you have buffet dinner?


If you prefer a sit-down meal but you have a large number of guests, you need more servers. More server mean high on staffing portion of your catering bill. But you will know exactly how much food to serve so the food costs will be lower than a buffet style.


You want to make sure you’re giving the right and most enjoyable accommodations to your guests, right? A sit-down dinner limit the flexibility of your guest count, and you also need to spare some time to coordinate the seating assignments.

On Picture

When the party’s over and you’re walking down the memory lane of your wedding day through pictures, what would you like to see? Would you like to see your guests over the gorgeous table centerpieces or would you like to see your guests mingling around the venue? It is always important to be able to visualize your wedding to know what you really want.

Décor Setting

Buffet dinner doesn’t require the kind of styling like for seated dinner. There are things to look out for when styling the tables if you’d prefer to do seated dinner, such as layers, height, candles, textures, and details. You also should be able to pay attention to the details, such as seating chart, table numbers, menu, and table centerpieces.

The only person to answer the question of “Shall we have a sit-down dinner or a buffet?” is you. It’s your call to decide which style suit best.




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