The Importance of Wedding Stage Decoration

All weddings have a stage for the bride and groom and their parents. Even if it is a sit down reception, at least the couple’s table will be different than the guests’. Why would it be any other way anyway since it is their big day after all.

The stage is a place where the newlyweds can have their spotlight. It serves as a convenient spot where the guests can congratulate them. During photo time, the stage can provide a big space for a lot of people. So really, it isn’t only a platform for show, but a multifunctional one too.

Due to the above reasons, it is only right to decorate the “throne” only in ways that would do it justice. Lucky for you, we have some tricks up our sleeves.

Flowers galore

You can go all out on flowers for the stage if you wish, more than other spots in your wedding. Perhaps cover the whole wall with flowers of bolder hues. How about asking your decorator to make an artwork with flowers?


Lighting is very important, because without it, how can you see? Lights have a different function than just making the stage bright, it also can set the mood. Instead of using only white light, try using different colored ones.

Fancy furniture

The stage will be your throne for the whole night, so using bland chairs or sofas is not an option. You can choose from many different styles that suit your wedding theme, or if that is not possible decorate what you have with fabric or ribbons or flowers. The right furniture can help boost your mood.

Decorative props

If your theme has a forest look, place a couple of stylish statues of forest animals. Hang some pretty bird cages or lanterns on the background. Trail colorful origami birds or butterflies. Set a couple of fancy streetlights on both sides of the stage. The options are endless.

Flowy fabric

Fabric is versatile so it can be used as a backdrop – layer a few colors together. You can arrange it in front of the stage to add color, too.

Consult with your decorator and look at their portfolio. You might see something you can take inspiration from.