Greenery for New Beginning


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Getting back to nature is something we should aspire to begin the year of 2017, therefore Pantone Color Institute is back with Greenery as Color of the Year. Let’s reveal how Greenery is a perfect color for a swoon-worthy wedding.

The color of Greenery represents a new beginning, just like the first days of spring. As described by Pantone Color Institute, Greenery is a “fresh, zesty yellow-green, refreshing and revitalizing shade”. Here we have gathered some inspiring photographs using the color of Greenery to give ideas on how to incorporate this color of the year to your big day.


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The possibilities to create the wedding color palette using Greenery are endless. It’s a versatile hue so you can play it with many color combinations and with many wedding themes. As a nature’s neutral, Greenery is suitable for the nature-inspired wedding themes like rustic, woodland, garden, bohemian and even beach, but it can also be paired with non-nature-inspired wedding themes to create elegant and sophisticated wedding.


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To achieve that greenery vibe, there is nothing simpler and easier than incorporating greeneries like foliage, leaves, succulents, even branches and twigs into your wedding. Try adding a canopy of greenery that hangs above will add drama to your reception area.


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Greenery has the ability to stand alone so you can use it as a primary color, but you can also use Greenery simply as an accent in your wedding decoration. Decorate it with ethereal colors to have that kind of earthy tone, or you can uplift it by combining with light colors to create a fun statement.


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The color of Greenery sure will be all-time favorite and timeless. So, set your heart on the color to start your new beginning.