7 Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

Been thinking about adding fun to your wedding but still got no idea about it? Here we got some fun ideas you could do on your wedding day, from the very simplest thing to a more elevate way to show how much you want to share the joy with your loved ones of family and friends.

There are actually many ways to entertain your guests through fun ideas, way beyond providing great food, great band and unique favors.

1. Photo stand-ins

Photo stand-ins are fun alternative to photo booths. You don’t need to have a bikini bod, just stand behind the cutout to become Baywatch Safeguard like this one.

2. Unique confetti

There are unusual and pretty alternatives to confetti. Try throwing pompoms and your photos will be so much more colorful. Instead of throwing something, why not blowing bubbles? For more eco-friendly confetti ideas, you could use rose petals confetti or lavender confetti. Not only pretty, they smell great too!

3. Serve fun food

Forget the fancy menu. It’s your party and you are totally fine to serve carnival food that is fun and yummy like corn dog, sloppy joe, taco, etc. You probably just need a little more napkins for those messy goodness.

4. Have your pet involved

Your pet has been part of your life, don’t let them miss out on your big day.

5. Provide simple pastime to play

If you have a sit-down dinner party, you don’t want to let your guests get bored waiting for the mail to served. Give something to entertain them like origami fortune teller, or word search napkins to play by self or with other gusts.

6. Create a kid’s corner

If your guest list includes young children, you probably need to consider creating a dedicated space for them so that they can enjoy the party without interrupting their parents much. Have a space for them armed with books, coloring supplies, and toys.

7. Interactive guest book

Have your guests sign on a unique alternative such as pieces of puzzle, postcards, coasters, or Mad Libs-style questionnaire.

The purposes of activities like these are not only to entertain your guests. These activities really show that you’re a good, thoughtful and fun host, and make a lasting impression on the guests. They will enjoy your party and be engaged in the celebration of your new chapter of life. Have fun!