Summer is love


Summer is love. Summer is fun. Summer is refreshing. Summer is everything under the sun. When summer time comes, all is possible. Especially when it comes to a summery wedding.

So to get started, it would be ideal to choose a location that is outdoor. So that maybe at a garden or courtyard. Although keep in mind the possibility of rain too. in that case, you might want to think about shading areas just in case. For the d├ęcor you can play around with outdoor pieces such as hanging lanterns across the whole venue. You can never go wrong with hanging lights.

IMG_3370 copy

If you and your partner are great outdoors lovers, you can opt for a pool party, riverside or beach weddings. Venues like such are simpler to decorate because you can let the venue speak for itself with its beautiful natural state already. When it comes to a pool party for instance, you can have floating candles in the pool alongside festive sun umbrellas.

Lemonade-Stand outdoor_summer_wedding_tips_17

Next, you will want to have pops of color. Why? Because summer is all about new adventures and excitement. So you can stick with the classic lighter shades and then throw in a few risky colors.


Why not organize a self-serve station for a cocktail bar too. You can have a display of bottles and mixers of refreshing flavors to choose from. Your guests are going to love you for it!

                                     outdoor_summer_wedding_tips_03            outdoor_summer_wedding_tips_08

When it comes to the flowers, go with summery flowers. So these could include garden roses, sunflowers, orchids or even succulents that are super in right now.

1_238 copy IMG_3875 copy

                                     vivid-summer-wedding-centerpieces-33            outdoor_summer_wedding_tips_15

As a cool and unique party favor, you can give your guests sunglasses. This would be perfect for a daytime reception especially when the sun rays hit the venue. Your guests can utilize the shades then and there. And afterwards, they can take it home with them.

                               outdoor_summer_wedding_tips_10            1_28

Summer weddings are about happiness, fun, and all of the memories that come with it are just waiting to begin.


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