Tropical Theme for Your Summer Wedding

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Are you still finding inspiration for your summer wedding? We have this tropical theme for your summer wedding. Just allow a vibrant color palette to inspire your big day and you’re all set!

What are the first things that pop in your mind when the word “tropical” comes? Bright colors, cold drinks, warm breeze, and a loooong day to spend under the sun. Use those images to create the color palette for your tropical wedding. From hot pink, lime greens, to sunny yellow. Add more with sky blue, sea green, tangy orange, and even bright purple. Tropical colors are about those dazzling and vibrant colors.

For flowers, tropical wedding needs tropical flowers to give an exotic touch to your big day. Try hibiscus, orchid, gloriosa, calla lilies, and strelitzia. Mix them with tropical foliage like monstera and palm to add the wow factor to your arrangement. If you’re not really into flowers, or if you want to create something different, try summer fruits for centerpiece which feature an arrangement of melons, pineapples, and summer berries. Not only fun and pretty, they’re edible too!

Now for the fun addition. Since summer is the time to soak up the sun and have some fun, you can take advantage of your tropical theme to pick fun and crazy props. From fringe garlands, pom pom honeycomb, flamingos, to painted fruits, colorful paper parasols, and everything under the sun!

The key to this theme is to not afraid to contrast colors and props. Just don’t forget to use white linen as a base color to create chic table decoration and to really make them pop. Have fun!