Bloom and Grow Forever


This lovely couple dreamed their beautiful vision of their wedding day in a glorious garden with every flower blooms. Located in Energy Building Jakarta, we transformed the venue into a romantic garden in floral hues of fuchsia, blush, green and white.

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Felix and Andrea wanted the wedding to reflect an elegant ambiance with touches of au naturel. In order to achieve that, we used these romantic-lux-kind-of flowers to adorn the whole decoration. The arrangements are high flower content – which were dominated with roses, with minimum foliage and exposed stems. Each blooms seemed perfectly pretty and romantic.

img_4615-copy img_4613-copy img_4624-copy

The moment guests walked through the entrance, the atmosphere of the romantic garden was so intense. All the beautiful blooms succeeded in turning the venue from looking drab to fab. Our favorite spot was the photo booth. We placed floral backdrop and add stuff such as teepee, garden bench, more flower arrangements, and candles to make the area a photogenic spot at the wedding.

img_4609-copy img_4605-copy img_4643-copy                                    img_4646-copy           img_4647-copy img_4648-copy

To set the scene for romance, we placed flower arches in several spots. Arch carries the adorning flowers and ferns, and also is the focal point of the wedding venue. Candles are also have a romantic feel, thus we incorporated candles into the setting to give a passionate ambiance.

img_4662-copy                                    img_4667-copy           img_4674-copy img_4670-copy img_4597-copy img_4599-copy

We always love working with lots of flowers, because you know, pretty flowers have some kind of way to bring joy to their surroundings. We hope the couple’s marriage life is going to be filled and surrounded by beautiful things too, just like their love that will bloom and grow forever.


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