Elegant and Classy Outdoor Wedding

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There’s something romantic about an outdoor beach side wedding, just like the wedding of this lovely couple.

We transformed the outdoor venue into a warm and cozy atmosphere and we filled with the colors of dusty blue, white, and gold, with a subtle touch of peach. Talking about the color schemes, the combination of them all really accentuates the overall look. It’s romantic and beautifully blended in with the clear blue sky above the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

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The couple wanted to have an elegant and classy style, so we made it happen in the form of the flower arrangements, napkins, tableware, and dinner menu as well as crystals and the chandelier.  Oh the crystal chandeliers hung above the long table… how they add drama to the space!

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About the lightings, we put marquee lights of the couple’s initials displayed right in the center of the venue. These 3D lights lighted up the venue completely and instantly create such a fun touch to the wedding. Besides the marquee lights, we brightened up the place with the combination of fairy lights and giant candles to exude a warm glow.

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We also set up a wedding lounge which turned out to be a good solution to accommodate the need to quietly socialize and chill out without leaving the venue. Since it’s an outdoor beach-side wedding, we put footrest sofa in white that are chic and simple in design.

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It was a beautiful wedding after all. We wish you both to have the most amazing years to come in harmony and filled with joy and happiness.


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