Multicultural Fiesta

Shanee and Stephanie had a Jewish ceremony in the Grand Hyatt penthouse first. We provided Mazel Tops for the men to wear. It was a simple ceremony with a simple pastel coloured gazebo made of natural branches. It was very pretty because it was held underneath a glass dome, so it felt like it was floating in the sky.

The engagement and welcome dinner had an Indonesian theme, so obviously there were lots of Batik. We used Batik cloths for the chairs and we used wayang for the centerpieces. The Kempinski ballroom was the perfect choice for this theme because the wall is of an exquisite carving of the Indonesian paddy field. Also in Kempinski was the mehendi ceremony in the pastel coloured hues in the presidential suite. It was very pretty and intimate.

The wedding ceremony was held in another venue. We used peach, red, and yellow fabric for the chairs. As you can see they are bright and exciting. We made a gazebo and used red flowers around the top. Actually, we are rather proud of our gazebos. We have made hundreds or maybe thousands of different style gazebos.

Lastly, Shanee & Stephanie’s wedding reception was back at Kempinski with a Bollywood theme. We took an inspiration from the movie Slumdog Millionaire to use Who Wants to be a Millionaire backdrop where people can take photos.

This was a huge feat for us to decorate and in such a big scale too. But it proves that Butterfly is the best for the job. For sure, our satisfaction is not just about getting the job done, but also making people happy.