Modern Chinese Elegance

The color red plays an important part of the Chinese wedding festivities. Red is believed to be a bold and lucky color that signifies love, prosperity and happiness. Having red color is believed to bring good luck to the happy couple as they begin their married life. It is also important to have a symbol for double happiness, especially in all of the wedding essentials, such as invitations, envelopes, decorations and accessories.



However, in the modern day Chinese wedding celebrations, couples opt to use the red as a punch color and to the use of the symbol of double happiness only as a focal point in the center stage or even welcome table at the foyer. We think that these new adjustment don’t reduce the meaning of the traditions, does it?




We like this modern Chinese wedding of Halim and Yani at the Tapis and Songket Room of the Four Seasons Hotel in Jakarta. We wrapped the traditional elements within an elegant ambiance of white and chic details.



Halim and Yani, we wish you all the happiness this life may bring you. Congratulations on your new journey together.





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