Oriental Elegance

This year, we’ve seen a lot of western influenced wedding clients who prefer the likes of a rustic barnyard wedding or elegant beach weddings. We love all of that. You could say that our souls have found a playground in doing those weddings, because we could easily pour our hearts into each delicate details. But somehow, sometimes, we’ve been missing the chance to get inspired by the things in our own backyard.

Until Jevi and Vivi came along. Instead of looking for inspirations on the other side of the world, they wanted something more Asian. An Oriental feel. We were so excited that we remember coming home from that meeting with ideas popping in our heads like fireworks. Fireworks like the ones above the Emperor’s castle during the last few scenes of Mulan.


We pretty much took cues from the traditional Chinese weddings for this design. We put in the big symbol of Double Happiness for the Tea Ceremony setting and the backdrop of the photo galleries. We hung lanterns and added some gold elements into the decor. We thought of “Chinese festivities” throughout the design. We mostly used red flowers, but combined it with a touch of pink to add some romantic vibes and elegance to the ambiance.


We’re really hoping that we’ll get to do these kinds of weddings more often, because we just love it!

How do you like this elegant Oriental look? Tell us in the comments below.





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