Glamorous Traditions in Pink


It’s always so refreshing to see that in the midst of the allure of the simplified Western influence, some couples nowadays still choose to go through the intricately detailed rituals of the traditional wedding ceremonies that may take days and much longer time to prepare.

Perhaps it’s the growing respect for traditions and cultural heritage. Perhaps it’s the longing for an experience for the rich inheritance of our ancestors. Perhaps it’s just the celebration of their roots and a tribute to where they came from. Whatever the reason, we are delighted to be invited to take part in the festivities.


Andra and Tiffany were married in traditional Padang customs, followed by hosting a reception dinner at the ballroom of Thamrin Nine in a modern setting. For this particular event, we transformed the venue into something modern and elegant, yet still showing off the traditional Padang elements. The signature of the Padang traditional wedding is grand and festive, with a center-stage that stands proud, richly adorned with silver and gold. We carefully combined those signatures into the modern elegant colors of soft pink and white. The rich colours in the midst of our soft palette made for a very elegant and sophisticated ambiance.


In all honesty, the first time we had to think about combining the loud elements of traditional Padang with our signature chic style, we were just a little unsure of how it will turn out. But you know that we can’t resist a good challenge, right? This look goes down in our books as one of a favorite for this year! A glamorous, yet elegant look, combining modern and traditional elements… and romance. Let’s not forget about that. Because, isn’t a wedding a celebration of love, after all?


We want to wish Andra and Tiffany a wonderful journey in marriage. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your celebration.




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