Two Celebrations, Twice the Happiness


In the Chinese tradition, it is customary to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage. A groom-to-be, represented by his family, must visit the bride-to-be’s home to ask her family for her hand. Usually, the groom-to-be’s family would come bearing dowry during their visit and present it to the bride-to-be’s family. Upon acceptance of the request, the mother of the groom would put on a necklace on her son’s fiancé as a symbol of their soon to be unity. This occasion is special on its own. But because it was done on the same day as the bride-to-be’s parents silver anniversary, that calls for an even bigger celebration. Love should be celebrated, don’t you think?


To create the elegant look, we used the combination of pink, peach, gold and silver onto our color palette to represent both celebrations. As pink and peach mean sweet and romantic for the young love, and gold and silver mean compassion and graceful for the more mature love.

We set up a long table with a long flower arrangement in the middle of the table. We combined pink and peach roses with pink lilies and green hydrangeas to create romantic blooms. We used three types of candles on the table consist of white pillar candles, gold tapers and two-types of votive candles, all to create more intimate yet dramatic atmosphere in the room. To add more elegant detail, we threw threads of white pearls too. The table itself was covered in pink table cloth, paired with gold chiavary chairs covered in subtle pink tulle fabrics.


We also created signboards dedicated to the newly-engaged couple. The signboards were made of our favorite chalkboards framed in classic wooden frame with hand-written sign to create more personal touch.

For the engagement backdrop, we placed a traditional Chinese symbol of marriage,  “Double Happiness”. We put two tall vases with flowers arrangements on each side. The dessert table was exceptional too, with tall tapers and more flowers.


The great thing about the venue was it has a great centerpiece of a huge statue of women. We just add tons of flowers arrangements on the statue and voila! It’s totally changed the whole look.

It was a great experience decorating this party, and may this double celebration bring double happiness in the future for both couples.




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