How to choose a Wedding Style


When it comes to picking out style, here’s the rule of thumb: don’t get overwhelmed by the different options. Don’t get yourself confused with adjectives – elegant, modern, vintage, simple, to rustic, chic, playful, whimsical… the list can go on and on. Don’t go on Pinterest in the hopes of feeling inspired but leaving with a sense of disappointment because you can’t decide which to choose and end up wanting everything.


So, how do you start finding your wedding style? First of all, you need to get a whole picture with everything in it. What do you envision for your wedding day? The venue, the main colors, the food, and the atmosphere that you’d like to have. Keep the vision in mind to help you focus on the mood. This will make you easier to get the whole idea of a theme of your choice. Also keep in mind that the point of choosing your wedding style is to find the one that really fits your personality as a couple.



Still not getting anything? Why don’t you ask yourself what things you and your partner loves the most, such as hobbies and interests that tie both of you. Your wedding can also be based on your favorite book or movie, the city where you both first met, or even a wedding theme after a song you both love. If a theme comes from the couple’s favorite, it is going to be more meaningful and thoughtful, a creative way to express your personalities



Another thing you should consider before deciding on wedding style is color palette. You can build a wedding look based on a color palette because colors are a vital component and will appear in many items of your wedding miscellaneous. Start with one specific main color before creating a whole palette. Then you can pick the complimentary colors to go with the main.

Having a theme in mind can help tie in all of the details of your wedding. From the save-the-dates to place settings, having all of you wedding stationary and decorations coordinated can really give your special day that wow factor. Whatever theme you choose, remember to create a cohesive look and feel that reflects you and your fiancé. Have fun!




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