Don’t sweat the small stuff, hack it!


What should you do when the venue you got for your wedding is too big or too small? The wallpaper is horrible and the carpet has patterns. The furniture is outdated and everything clashes with your theme. Choose another venue, you say? Well, what if you can’t? Don’t worry. We got some potential problems and some hacks to make your wedding looking like just how you want it.


Problem #1: The venue is too small

You can create more space by using smaller tables. Do not use big statues and huge flower pots because it will make the area feel cramped. Next, choose light colour schemes. Placing mirrors will also create an illusion of space. However, if the venue is too big, use hanging decorations to closer to the floor such as drapes and chandeliers. Create some focal points in various corners like the cake, band stage, photo booth, etc.


Problem #2: The venue has unattractive walls

There’s nothing worst than a great venue with ugly walls. But, no worries. You can easily cover them in drapes suitable with your colours. Using a screen for projecting images can also add something unique to the wedding; otherwise, hang photos of the bride and groom in various sizes.


Problem #3: Floor is blah

When the floor causes problems because of the patterns, use carpets that works with your theme. Have a large area covered with wooden boards where people can dance. Actually when you direct the focus towards the ceiling or the walls then most people don’t really notice the floor.


Problem #4: The furniture needs some fixin’

Lastly, ugly furniture. If renting other tables and chairs is not possible then cover them with fabric. You can also decorate them with flowers or ribbons. Select just a few pieces that you really need and forget the rest.


Basically, whatever problems found in the venue, don’t feel down. They can all be overcome; it only takes some creativity and a great wedding decorator!


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