Ideas to Make Seating Chart Less Stressful, More Exciting


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Creating seating chart can be very stressful for most couples who are preparing their wedding. Oftentimes most of them trapped in serious arguments and fights with each other and their families. Feeling stressed in creating seating chart mostly because it has reach to the end of the wedding planning process, when your mind can no longer works in peace and calm mode. And also it needs extra attention to the people you invited.


You want to make sure that your sarcastic outspoken aunt doesn’t sit next to your faint-hearted cousin. You really want your wedding to be perfectly delightful for everyone and not turning it into a family feud. But now let’s not focus on how stressful it can be, otherwise, let’s focus on how creative a seating chart could be.



We have so many ideas on creating seating chart in a very fun and creative way. Butterfly has done before on our previous works. We used vintage wooden board, chalkboard, even mirror for displaying names. If you’re having a vintage-themed wedding with a touch of rustic feel, you could dress up unused windows or doors and write the name of your guests on them with white pen. Another way to write down the guest list is on the scatter various-sized frames in an arrangement.

apple seating card

cinema seating card

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If displaying names in one spot is not your choice, then you’re going to need both escort cards and place cards. Escort card is the card which gets picked up at the reception entrance and tells you your table number, while place card is the card which is already displayed on the table and tells you which seat is yours. To place both kinds of cards, you can get very creative and fun. Pin those escort cards on apples, like we’ve done it before. The guests can keep the apples as keepsake, a healthy and filling one. Add a quirky touch to your wedding with escort cards which designed like tickets.


Now you get the inspirational ideas on how to create a unique seating chart, escort cards, and place cards. You may still be very stressful but hey, you get to play with those fun ideas for your wedding. What a great way to make your wedding planning less stressful and more exciting!


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