Destination Wedding 101


Imagine being able to have a wedding whilst travelling. It’s like opening two locks with one key. Which is exactly what a destination wedding entails. Although let’s face it, you probably wouldn’t have too much time playing tourist until your wedding day is over. Going to a foreign city to get married may seem intimidating at first. However, if it is planned and executed well, it can turn out to be super fun, sensational and unforgettable.


First and foremost, you have to do plenty of research. Planning early will help you get a head start such as where you want your wedding to be held, how much does the venue cost, is it easily accessible for your guests, which accommodation will your guests be staying at and etc.

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Choose a venue that will be easy to get to. For instance, if most of your friends and family are based in South East Asia, how many of them are willing to travel 11 hours to get to Greece? Also, be considerate of the budget of your friends and family. You don’t want them to give it a miss because they can’t afford the flight or accommodation.



It’s a great idea to hire a local wedding planner and/or decorator. They will definitely be able to guide you on a smoother wedding planning journey. Especially with a wedding planner as they will have a better understanding of what they city is like. A great tip is to create a mood board of how you envision your fairytale wedding to be. So that you can quickly get your wedding decorator to be on the same page as you particularly if there is a language barrier. The last thing you want is to have a wedding that doesn’t reflect upon you and your partner’s vision.


Make sure to send out the wedding invitations at least five months prior to your special date so guests have time to clear their schedule and organize the trip accordingly. Find suggestions of accommodation for your guests to stay at and try to arrange on how they will get to the wedding venue. If you plan on having your wedding at a hotel/resort, many times they will give your guests discounted deals. Also find out if your wedding venue will be accommodating any other weddings on the same day.



Presumably your wedding will fall on a weekend, it would be great to plan the weekend out for your guests. They will probably be counting on you to keep them entertained especially if the wedding is at a foreign city. Another note is to be updated with the weather depending on when your wedding will be. Many tropical places will have lower rates during the rainy season.


It takes more than just a pretty scenery to make a successful wedding. When it’s time to plan your destination wedding, just remember to be twice as organized and meticulous about every detail. But wherever you decide to go to, it’s going to be a memorable wedding regardless.


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