Chillax Area for Your Guests?


Wedding is a common occasion for people to catch up with their friends and family. But some weddings are either too loud or too crowded with people, making it quite impossible to have a really good conversation with each other. Especially with elder guests who might need a break from the noise and just sit back and relax in a nice comfortable sofa. 

A wedding lounge is a good solution to accommodate the need to quietly socialize and chill out without leaving the venue. But how do we create a comfy spot when  creating a pretty wedding venue itself is actually not a job for the faint of heart. A little word of advice: Don’t stress it out! You’re thinking to create a spot to chill out, so keep calm and read on.



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First of all, if you want to create a lounge at your wedding venue, just keep it in line with the theme. This lounge should not be a different spot and separated from the main venue. Pick the right style of chairs as a first step of creating a lounge. If you’re having a vintage-theme wedding, Baroque-style sofas and chairs are nice picks. If you’re having a semi-outdoor beach-side wedding in white, then choose sofas and footrest sofas that are chic and simple in design. Use the same color tone with your color palette to keep everything in line with the theme.



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A bigger wedding needs multiple seating fit for up to 20 persons. Arrange the sofas in several clustered areas so each group of people can have intimate conversation but not isolated from the party.  For an outdoor wedding, you can use a tent to shade your lounge area to create a more comfortable space, especially under the hot summer sun.


Having a lounge area on your wedding venue means you could unleash your creativity to style-up and give your personal touch. A cozy loveseat on a wedding is already inviting, since people may get tired standing up the whole party. But how can we adorn this area to be warmer, cozier and more inviting, spot? Give it a good set of lighting to enhance the intimate ambiance. Put coffee table and small centerpieces to make it more interesting. But, if ‘fun’ is your wedding concept, instead of floral centerpieces, why don’t you place a board game at the center of each table. Your lounge would be the perfect place to hang out for sure.


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