The Best Flowers for Summer Weddings

There is almost a magical feeling to sunshine because it makes people happy. Having a wedding in the summer will be very joyful indeed. There is no need to worry about rain, so having an outdoor wedding is a great idea. Also, there is an abundant choice of flowers available.

One thing to note, however, is to choose hearty flowers that last. Most flowers wilt quickly in the heat, such as roses. This time, why not pick blooms that are not found in typical weddings?

Before choosing the flowers, you need to pick the colour scheme. Forget blue or red or pink, and opt for more vibrant colours that truly represent the sunny season. For example, a wedding would look so beautiful with citrus hues (yellow, orange, and lime) or bold with hot fuchsia or mango.

Here are some flowers which can be found locally and offer a range of colours.

  1. Orchids

There are so many different types of orchids from the small to the big. This tropical flower comes in purple, white, green, and orange. Orchids last very long in the heat.

  1. Carnation

This pretty flower is perfect for the summer with their orange, red, magenta, and white colours.

  1. Calla lily

You can find this flower in citrus hues. They will make any wedding appear elegant.

  1. Dahlia

Dahlias look very interesting because the petals form cylindrical shapes in red, orange, pink, fuchsia, and yellow.

  1. Sunflower

What is more summery than sunflowers? They can come in as small as a child’s hand or as huge as an adult’s face.

Putting together some orange dahlias with yellow tulips and white lilies can be a fabulous bouquet to hold. How about placing sunflowers and purple orchids as centerpieces? Cut carnations for the men’s suits. You can also try poppies, gerbera daisies, and chrysanthemums besides the above. There are plenty of flowers available and let’s pick different ones!