Kid’s Corner at Your Wedding


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If your guest list includes young children, you probably need to consider creating a dedicated space for them so that they can enjoy the party without interrupting their parents much. You need to understand first that naturally kids have very short attention spans, they get bored easily. Things might get worst when kids feel bored, hungry, tired and sleepy. Mix them together and expect some major meltdowns!


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The best thing you can do if you want to invite children to your wedding is to provide a kid’s corner. If you’re fortunate to hire a babysitter to keep an eye on them, that would be very great. But, to have a space for them armed with books, coloring supplies, playdoh and some stuffed toys would very much appreciated by their parents.


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If your budget allows, you could also set a mini movie spot where they can enjoy their favorite cartoon show. Throw some pillows and blankets and prepare mini bowls of popcorn for them to munch.


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Talking about munching munchkins, it is also better if you ask your caterer to provide kid-friendly menu from nibbles, drinks to meals. Remember, kids won’t eat meal they cannot pronounce and doesn’t taste familiar to their taste buds. So forget about your fancy canapé and foie gras, your pint-size guests would prefer sliced apple dipped into peanut butter for starter and fish n chips for entrée. For thirst quencher, provide lots of bottled mineral water and juice box. Ask your caterer to prepare the meal in the most accessible way. Make sure they have kid-size dinner tables and chairs, and some high chairs for babies.


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Actually, it’s kinda fun designing a kid’s corner at your wedding. Adjust the space with the whole decoration style. It is kid’s space, but it’s still your wedding. You don’t want your pastel hues actually ruined by the bright colors of red, yellow, green and blue, right? Make it as part of your wedding so everything still looks pretty, and even cuter with a touch of kid’s stuff. The point is, having a kid’s corner is to keep your youngest guests occupied and having fun, so everyone – you and your groom, their parents and other guests can enjoy your special day.


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