Hanging Decoration


Imagine a room full of cascading lights, flowers and candles hanging above putting you and your wedding guests in a light trance. There is a reason why they are a popular decoration piece in weddings today, as they can make any venue look magical and heavenly.


There are so many options you can go with in the theme of suspended decorations. For one, you can have floral pieces strategically draped above you. This can be a great alternative to the normal table centerpieces. It creates a unique take on the norm and can re-direct the focal points of the wedding venue.



Another WOW piece that you can have is a hanging floral installation which no doubt will leave your guests talking about for weeks to come. Although of course, it does come with a bigger price-tag. But just imagine having an area of your wedding venue’s ceilings covered in an assortment of beautiful flowers.


Keep in mind we aren’t just talking about dangling flowers. You can pretty hang up anything because it’s going to look beautiful regardless. You could hang up dainty little bulbs of light that will add so much spark to the whole venue too (especially if your wedding is outdoor and during the evening).



You could also put up lovely wreaths around the venue for that relaxing atmosphere. Lanterns can look pretty amazing too when placed at the right spots of the venue. Also, you can even try putting up ribbons that hang from ceiling to floor as they give such a simple touch.


This type of décor is basically all about putting in that X factor without looking like you tried too hard. When you have suspended flowers, lanterns, ribbons, lights and whatever else you can hang, it’s naturally going to create that effortless vibe but still with a lot of oomph. And that’s what you want.