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If you can picture you and your partner performing the ‘first-dance’ as a wedded couple in a venue filled with hanging lights and all things nature, then you may want to consider a Bohemian themed wedding.

There’s something rather unconventional and relaxing about that whole vibe. Here are a few things you may want to consider as pointers if you decide to go down that route for your wedding day

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When you are deciding on a color scheme, the bohemian theme should be full of neutral colors. On top of that, whether it be from your wedding dress to the bridesmaid’s dresses, it should be light and airy.


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Headbands and flower crowns on the bride are usually the go-to accessory for creating the Boho-chic look. You can even get your bridesmaids and/or flower girls to wear a similar one to tie everyone in together. You could go with super big flowers all around or go for something more minimal with dainty little wild flowers. As for the hair, it should be look very effortless. So you have options with having you and your bridesmaid’s hair in loose waves, braids, fishtails or etc.

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Having rustic and wild flowers all around the venue is definitely a must as this theme revolves around nature. So you could have flowers placed strategically placed around the venue, in your centerpieces, dishware and etc. You can have a lot of fun finding bits and pieces of décor such as lace, feathers, dream catchers, wood, and hanging lights. You will find that the Bohemian vibe has many outdoor and nature inspirations.

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A bohemian theme is nothing short of art, nature and romance. If this is the theme that you relate to the most, remember it’s all about creating that carefree atmosphere. It’s definitely going to be very picturesque.


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