Vintage Moroccan Flair


We’ve been decorating weddings and events for about five years now. We’re far from knowing everything there is to know about decorating and we still have a long way to becoming the best. We’re working on it though, and we believe that every new project slowly brings us there.

1_10 1_52We take great pride in the work that we’ve done so far, but we love new challenges. There’s nothing that makes our heartbeats faster than new themes to be designed or new places to be decorated. No two events is ever the same, and we’re so glad to be faced with people who push us to become better every day.


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One of those people is Erwin and Airin, during their engagement party. They chose a venue Rumah Maroko in the heart of Jakarta – with a theme vintage Moroccan. The moment they mentioned the place, our minds were already bursting with ideas! We were so excited!

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Rumah Maroko is already beautiful on its own. It’s built with the splendor of ancient Moroccan architecture and vintage Mediterranean ambiance. It is decorated with distinctive arches and elaborate tiles. It is a majestic place, colored by bold color choices.


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We turned our heads inside out to come up with ways we can enhance the romantic feel in this place without diminishing its beauty. And so, we chose to add into the coziness of it by throwing around bold colored drapes and to play up the sweetness with vintage decorative elements. Also, what’s Moroccan style without some ornate and plush furniture? To really add on to that Moroccan flair, we placed poufs and throw pillows on the floor.

                                 1_144           1_145 1_147

The place stimulated every senses, from the moment we stepped in until we walked out the door. It is beautiful already, but we just made it feel more like Erwin and Airin.




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