Bold & Beautiful


Bold and beautiful are the words to describe Ron and Jun’s wedding at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Bali. Ron is a Filipino who grew up in Canada. He likes the mixture of Asian and American culture. Jun is a lover of bold colours and the Tibetan culture. Put those together and what you get is a tropical elegant wedding with bold colours, a touch of heritage, and modern culture.


There are three parts to their wedding. The first is the tea ceremony where we used a lot of pink orchids, red roses, and green hydrangeas; very simple décor yet eye-popping. Second, the wedding ceremony is elegant but tropical with all the white orchids.


Last, but certainly not least is the wedding reception – the boldest of all. It is where we displayed some of our greatest craftsmanship as a wedding decorator, and which we are so very proud of. One is the ceiling centerpiece made entirely of not one, not two, but three rings of roses, each one bigger than the former. There are also crystal beads dangling from it, cascading like rain drops. Next are the hanging flower clouds from the ceiling, ranging in green and orange colours. Third, the backdrop for the band stage is an arch of greenery and red, pink and orange roses – the same goes for the photo booth backdrop. But the best is the huge wall of Tibetan clouds made entirely of flowers and leaves (in bold colours, of course!). The designer worked closely with the bride for this one, and the end result is stunning and one smiley bride!






For most weddings, the bride is the one in charge of the theme and colours; whereas the groom just agrees with everything. However in Ron and Jun’s, we take into account both the bride and groom’s requests. It can be tricky for decorators because there are so many ideas. The challenge is to make them all work together even if it has never been heard before. Our job, after all, is to help the bride and groom achieve what they want on their special day.



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